Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Belgium, Day 3

Yeah you read that right. I'm currently in Antwerp, Belgium. Got dragged out by my company for a whirlwind tour of our facilities out here.

To those of you saying, "lucky you!" I reply "Meh." It ain't that special. I'm still in an office every day. Its still work, just in a different country. Combine some jet lag, a bunch of meetings, and that I'm travelling with my boss stir in some natural apathy about travel and you have a recipe for the miserable feeling I have right now.


Sir Francis said...

Heh. It's -19 with the wind-chill in Ottawa right now. I'm crying a river for you, Catelli... ;)

Catelli said...

Sir Francis:

Well, the weather wasn't that warm over their either! With all the walking involved, it was chillier than I expected as I had left the heavy jacket and the winter boots at home.

And then it snowed... A rare event apparently. And of course that was the day we were in Brussels with a 2 km walk to the hotel.

Ever tried dragging a heavy suitcase 2 kms in snow on cobblestone streets while wearing street shoes????