Wednesday, 23 December 2009

How Screwed Are Our Priorities?

Air pollution helps kill between 126 and 200 local [Waterloo Region] residents a year, different health studies suggest.

Air is polluted by industry, transportation, power generation and other activities that build economic prosperity in North America.

Because of the way we live and power our economy, people die as a result. (See, its not just about Global Warming, people are dying from pollution and many/most of the sources of CO2 and particulate pollution are one and the same).

It must be because we can't see it, we lack a tangible daily reminder that pollution is a real threat to our health. Ignoring the ugly haze hanging over Toronto that is clearly visible from Caledon.

How else do we explain this logic?

Thirteen Solar Plant and Wind Farm projects in California have been scuttled due to concerns "about the visual effect of huge solar farms on Route 66, the highway that runs through the Mojave".

Lest we make the mistake thinking this a dumb American problem, we have this issue up here as well.

We oppose these new projects because they impact the visual landscape and there are (unscientific) health concerns. But the way we do things now kills people every day.

Funny logic that. And not in a ha ha kind of way.

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Sir Francis said...

It must be because we can't see it...

...or because a significant proportion of our society fails to give a shit.

Tories and progressives differ on the key question concerning human nature: progressives generally believe that people are basically good and can be persuaded of the rightness of a just cause if appealed to according to the requirements of their reason; Tories assume that people are basically reprobate and that only a moral éite will do the right things for the right reasons, with everyone else doing the wrong things reflexively--according to their disordered instincts--and the right things only when and if they are coerced.

Thus, my outlook on environmental issues is fairly pessimistic (a pessimism recently fortified by the recent fiasco in Copenhagen), because our global corporate élite--the only entity with the comprehensive power to force us to change our ways for the better--has no vested interest in sane environmental stewardship. Meanwhile, the West's moral élite is marginalised (since they've been effectively branded as "extremists", "far-Left wackos", "moon-bats", "anti-trade fanatics", etc.) and thus politically impotent.

The bad news for progressives is that being correct doesn't mean shit. That's a dilemma they don't seem to know how to cope with. It's something they clearly feel they shouldn't have to cope with.