Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Stephen Harper, Not a Leader

"It is actually the development and implementation of the technology that over time will make significant targets possible." Stephen Harper, November, 2009

Yet again, another example of Prime Minister Harper's desire to follow from behind, then lead from the front.

What bullshit. If we waited for technology to develop before setting targets, we would never have landed on the moon, developed nuclear weapons, or even made vehicles adopt stricter emission targets. For examples of Canadian targets, we built a national railroad, and were pioneers in communications technology.

When people are given a goal, a deadline, an objective most will try their damnedest to meet the target. When you give a target of "whenever you get around to it", well the target will probably never be met.

Harper does not have to set an emission target per se. There are all kinds of targets. He could set a desired percentage of energy produced from green sources, or setup a national hydrogen infrastructure by 2015. Hell, even if he issued a challenge to Canadian companies "to be the first to.." it'd be more than what he's done now!

But we now know that Harper doesn't want anyone to lead in anything. He doesn't encourage, challenge or set lofty goals. Its better to sit and wait for someone else to do it first. After all, it takes little effort to jump on a bandwagon.

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