Wednesday, 2 December 2009

That Horse has Bolted

Dear Stephen Harper,

The very fact that we are willing to trade with a totalitarian regime with an appalling human rights record means we have "already checked our values at the door". Its like the old adage, you can't be a little bit pregnant.



Updater: China lets us know that they know our values are less important to us than our economy.

The only thing I'm upset about, is not that we didn't line up behind our Prime Minister, is that we continue to believe we can have it both ways.

China has subtly let us know that if we wish to engage in trade, to shut up about their internal policies. And you know what? They're entirely within their rights. Just as it is in our rights to not engage them at all. But that apparently would cost us jobs and cash.

This is a rare time where I'm more onside with Harper. His previous harder line stance with China was at least principled (which has now been tossed overboard with all the others). The Liberals continue to believe we can have our cake and eat it too. Same as with the environment....

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