Thursday, 31 December 2009

Turn The Tide

Call me slow, but I just keyed into something. Harper is extremely vulnerable right now. The opposition can let Harper's suspension of parliament go through.

And then blitz the country with Ads. "Harper and the Conservatives are taking a vacation to watch the Olympics." As much as it bugs me to mention this, but they have to avoid all mention of Afghanistan, detainees, and anything else policy related. Keep the message simple. Emphasize that the Conservatives are shirking their duties.

This message will resonate. It will kill Harper's "Tim Horton's" man mystique. His defense is none-existent. He can only bluster about "reformulating policy". Trying to point out that the opposition made him do it, won't work this time. There was no threat from the opposition. Any attempts in this vein would look like the petulant whining it is.

Even when parliament resumes, they keep to this message. The Conservatives took a two month holiday when Canadians were out of work and in dire financial straits. Hammer at it constantly, eek all the mileage out of it they can. (In the meantime they can still keep at the detainee issue, but keep the message in the press about how the Conservatives avoid working whenever possible.)

The Conservatives apparent mystique is the common-man image. Hit him where they're strong, and the polling numbers will follow. Now is the opportunity for the opposition parties to control the debate, control the message in the media. Do it right, and the Conservatives will be nowhere near forming a government next election.


Sir Francis said...

It's a good idea... in theory. The problem: the Libs and NDP are broke--as in totally skint--and just can't afford the kind of intensive ad campaign you're urging. They need to husband their cash carefully and keep it for the next immediate pre-writ period and election.

Frankly, it's a shame an ad campaign is even necessary. We've come to a pretty sorry pass in this country when Canadians have to be persuaded that Harper's being a cowardly, candy-assed punk. Isn't it bloody obvious?

Catelli said...

Arrgh! Maybe I'll have to swallow some bile and make a contribution to the LPC.

Its obvious to people that aren't blindly partisan, but more importantly, only obvious to people that pay attention.

On this I blame the media, especially the televised version. In to many stories they try to be "fair and balanced." But in a story where one "side" has the majority of truth (e.g. Harper is a power-mad cowardly self-centered candy-assed punk - in military terms a REMF or a non-political story such as Astrology is absolute bonkers) when they give equal time to the other side of story (Harper plays chess, Ignatieff plays checkers, blah, blah blah or This Astrologer made an accurate prediction, once) it unfairly gives equal weight to the low/no value other side.

Some stories only have one side.

Aside: I think I just set a personal record for the most convoluted run on sentence!

Sir Francis said...

I think I just set a personal record for the most convoluted run on sentence!

Heh. Ever read any Thackeray, or Joyce? You're not even close to the record! ;)

An aside of my own: have you noticed all of the English Civil War analogies being brought to bear on this issue (cf. Andrew Coyne, Dr. Dawg, etc.)? Should I feel ripped off?

Catelli said...

Them amongst others. It's just another example of the not-quite-yet-famous Sir Francis prescience.

Sir Francis has a much better ring than Nostradamus. The latter sounds like a nasal infection.