Saturday, 12 December 2009

Unintentional Result

I am quite perturbed about how every time the majority of members in parliament assert themselves, it's construed as "a crises." This concept that the opposition parties cannot gang up on a minority government, lest they appear undemocratic, has serious implications.

The precedent being set by this current iteration and the previous coalition "crises" in effect means that whatever party forms the government is to be trusted with all control.

Seriously, for those that take this view, what the fuck is wrong with you? What we are saying is that the largest minority in parliament has all the power, the will of the majority be damned. Does that not contradict any semblance of democratic principles we have left in our system?

Look, if we really believe that in our FPTP system that whatever party gets the most seats should gain all the power, we should just dump the concept of an opposition and save all those MP salaries. Because we are just castrating them of any and all effectiveness. If they are not allowed to ever hold the government to account, why bother with opposition MPs at all?

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