Saturday, 30 January 2010

Hey CBC! Some clarification is in order!

Dear CBC.

What is up this new license deal? To wit, this new little note at the top of your articles at New licensing option: POST all or part of this article on a web site, intranet or blog.

I clicked the link for more info and immediately note that there is no pricing option for the "or part" of an article. The only option is to pay insane monthly fees for all of the article.
Per-month basis (non-profit org)
Months Fees
1 CAD125.00
2 - 3 CAD175.00
4 - 6 CAD200.00
7 - 9 CAD225.00
10 - 12 CAD250.00

Quick comment here, pricing is very excessive. You want $125-$250/mo per article? Then drop the taxpayer funding and go completely private. Don't think you have the right to both!

But I will give you the benefit of the doubt. I assume this is aimed at organizations that wholesale copy articles on your site, resell them with no permission or credit. For those of us that quote a few lines here or there (and credit back to the source!) some assurances are in order. How does the CBC view the fair dealing exceptions in the Canadian Copyright Act, specifically quoting a few lines of the article in a research paper.

I would argue that blog posts (however poorly executed) are in the category of research papers, although in electronic format. Most are mini dissertations available to the public at large.

In any case, for a publicly owned information gathering and news dissemination service to put limits on public dissemination of that information is immoral, hypocritical and self-defeating.

So please clarify this draconian measure implemented with little or no public consultation. Your survival as a publicly funded news organization depends on it!

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