Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Toyota Recall: Perspective

The news media is all aflutter over the Toyota shutdown and recall announced today:

"It's a devastating blow to Toyota and Toyota's reputation," said Dennis Virag, president of the Automotive Consulting Group. "Toyota is the new General Motors in terms of experiencing quality glitches, over-expansion and the proliferation of new product models.

Little bit harsh there aren't we? We need to balance this near hysteria with another story:

Mitsubishi Motors and its truck unit, which has since become a separate company, were mired in a scandal that first surfaced in 2000 over a systematic hiding of defects. The automaker recalled millions of vehicles -- some models repeatedly for multiple problems.

Although the manufacturer promised the cover-ups will never happen again, it acknowledged in 2004 that it didn't come clean in 2000, and continued to recall more vehicles.

Among the defects requiring recalls were parts that connect the wheel to the truck model in the 2002 accident. They also included braking systems and other crucial parts.

Mitsubishi has been caught (twice!) covering-up defects and keeping information from the consumer. Did they get crucified in the press?

No. Hardly made a bump in the news cycle. Toyota comes clean and announces sweeping measures to resolve a safety issue, now they're an untrustworthy automaker.

Note to the MSM, if you're going to nail a company to the cross, pick one that did something wrong.

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