Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Ontario HST Quick Thoughts

If pressed, I am in favour of the planned implementation of the HST in Ontario. Generally though, I'm more ambivalent. Yes, some things might become more expensive, so that means I purchase less than I used to. As an anti-consumerist, I take pleasure in that thought.

However, this is a bad idea. There are many people who are convinced that the HST is proof of hell on earth. These ads will just rub the HST in their faces and make them mad all over again. People have made up their minds about this, and you can't change them. This ad campaign is a waste of money at best, worst case it's the Ontario government launching an ad campaign against themselves.

Case in point. Today 570 news was reporting about this, and they presented a list of items that will cost more under the HST. And they also proved the point that some people are absolutely mind-fucked over what the impact of the HST.

One of the examples cited, a near nose bleed section Toronto Maple Leafs game ticket that currently costs $53.00 will cost close to $60 with the HST. What's wrong with this example? Give it a minute it'll come to you... I'll give you a hint, if I ever buy a ticket to a Leafs game, it ain't the Ontario government I'll be railing against after my wallet is lightened significantly.

At least taxes pay for my hospital bills and other services that I use. What have Burke and co. done for me lately?


Ken Breadner said...

Nothin'. Absolutely nothin'.
I predict an awful lot of retailers jumping on the "save the HST" bandwagon...

Catelli said...

There's always competition ain't there?