Wednesday, 10 February 2010


That's gotta hurt:

Organic foods grocery chain Whole Foods Market and household accessories chain Bed Bath & Beyond said Wednesday they were actively seeking alternatives to oil-sands fuels to reduce their carbon footprints.

Like it or not Alberta's oil/tar-sands have a nasty image. The simple fact is that all oil has a negative image. The additional issues facing the oil-sands takes a bad image and makes it worse.

Promoting the oil sands is, putting it bluntly, polishing a turd. In Alberta's favour, the world is heavily dependant on oil. Barring significant change to how we run our economies (or the discovery of another middle-east type oilfield), short and long term energy prospects dictate that the oil-sands have to be developed.

However, many are those desperately seeking alternatives. Where there is a will, there may well be a way. The world wants to reduce its dependence on oil, and that has to be a troubling thought for oil producing nations, and provinces.

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