Friday, 12 February 2010

Protesting to no Effect

Anti-Olympic protesters take note. Fuck off already will you?

My Olympic spirit is so low right now it barely even registers. My cynicism and contempt for what the Olympics have become is at its peak. Ever since the Summer Olympics in China, I've come to the conclusion that the Olympics are a debased shadow of their former selves.

The heavy handed actions undertaken by VANOC are contemptible. The costs are exorbitant, the purity of competition degraded.

So yes, the money could be better spent.

But that battle was lost. The investment has been made, and for better or for worse we have to accept it and move on.

Protesting and attempting to disrupt Olympic events is also contemptible at this point. It shows no respect to those that still believe in the Olympics. It means you are imposing your view on others that do not share it.

And that I cannot condone. You besmear the very causes you support, risking backlash and even more suffering for the people you supposedly are advocating for.

So Olympic protesters back off. If you can't stand aside and protest in peace, then put down your signs and walk away. You risk losing all in a battle you cannot win.

Retreat, regroup, and live to fight another day. Because if you keep it up, you'll make more enemies than friends.

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