Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Thank-you CTV-TSN-SportsNet

I want to extend a heartfelt thank-you to the CTV-TSN-SportsNet conglomerate broadcasting the Olympic winter games to Canadians.

1) Thank-you for making me channel flip constantly to view events.
2) Thank-you for promising to switch to another event "in the next 5 minutes" and then not doing so.
3) Thank-you for letting me miss key events I want to watch.
4) Thank-you for having annoying anchor desk personnel that have next to no class, or personality, or any key anchor skills.
5) Thank-you for an endless parade of commercial breaks.
6) And finally, thank-you for ruining my Olympic event viewing experience.

In return for all these gifts, I have given up on following the Olympics. I just can't be bothered anymore, and will not watch anymore televised coverage. It's obvious you hate your viewers and want them to turn to alternate media, so you're welcome!

In case the point was not made clear (with the morons running these networks I can believe it).

CTV Olympic coverage - FAIL
TSN Olympic coverage - FAIL
SportsNet Olympic coverage - FAIL

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I absolutely have come to HATE HATE HATE the CTV network because of its Olympic coverage. I don't have TSN or the Sportsnetwork. Why the hell should I PAY to watch? They won the bid so they should make ALL of it free and accessible to Canadians.

Also the talking heads should shut up and show the events. Hours and hours of idiots blathering on - SHOW ME THE ATHELETES COMPETING!!!!