Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Headline Highlights

In lieu of any actual content. Headlines that made me say huh.

German Catholics Set Up Abuse Hotline
I must ask, so that people can sign up to be abused or to report it?

Measles outbreak hits unvaccinated in BC
That's why we have vaccination programs people!!!!

One-fifth of households struggle with home costs; report
That's it?  Seems low to me.

Ever since Labatt's bought them out, I was waiting for this headline: Hamilton's Lakeport Brewery closing, 143 to lose jobs.  Damn.

Proposed refugee law speeds process: Kenney
It is a faster process when you just say no.

Stelmach may face a palace coup
Ed Stelmach is the King of Alberta? Wow, things change fast when you don't pay attention.....

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