Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Doomed to Fail

PORT BURWELL: Russell Blais, a ferryboat captain, wants to establish a link between eastern Elgin County and Ashtabula, Ohio

Dude, you're trying to link PORT BURWELL with Ohio. Not to make too fine a point of it, but you're linking middle-of-nowhere to practically irrelevant.

Port Burwell is convenient to absolutely nobody. It's over an hour south of the 401 for Pete's sake. The vast majority of Ontarians live and work in the Golden Horseshoe, an hour or more driving due east to the closest major population centre.

Its a hell of a lot faster to just drive the QEW to Buffalo and follow the South shore of Ohio to get to Cleveland. Your route is not shorter or more direct for anyone, and due to the types of roads that lead to Port Burwell, it will take longer even if the distance is the same.

Seriously man, look at a fucking map!


Ken Breadner said...

Haven't they tried something like this before? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Catelli said...

The Toronto to Buffalo ferry. Yes they did.

And that was a rampaging success now weren't it?