Thursday, 8 April 2010

Expecting Misfortune in Others?

I've written a lot about consumer debt, and how it appears to be at crises levels.  What didn't occur to me was that this would create a new market for ambitious entrepreneurs.....

Scene:  Midafternoon at our home, phone rings.  My wife answers.

My wife:  Hello?
Caller: Good afternoon Ma'am.  I'm calling on behalf of Tim, who has just setup business in your neighborhood.  We're just calling to say hello and to offer our services.  May I ask you a few questions?
My wife (playing along):  Sure, whatever.
Caller:  Ma'am, do you have a mortgage?
My wife: No.
Caller: No?
My wife:  No.
Caller: Really?
My wife:  Really.
{Long Pause}
Caller:  Oh uhh...  Do you have a line of credit over $100,000 that is currently maxed out?
My wife: No.
{Long Pause}
Caller:  No?  Ummm..  Do you have a line of credit?
My wife:  Yes
Caller:  Is it maxed out or close to being maxed out?
My wife:  No

Caller:  Do have any credit cards that you cannot make the payments on?
My wife:  No, we pay off our credit cards every month.
Caller:  Oh, um.  Well if you ever need any help with debts or mortgages or anything, give us a call!  Bye!

Now we are on the National Do Not Call List, so this call was illegal, Mr Tim (or whatever your name is) of Cambridge, Ontario.

Two things are immediately striking about this conversation.  One, this business assumes everyone has debt that they cannot handle.  Two, the woman that called was completely unprepared for the answers she received.  My wife said she started to sound upset as the call progressed.  It was causing her stress that we aren't stressed over our finances.

Call me cruel, but I hope this "business" of Tim's goes under very quickly.  And I hope it's due to crushing debt load and lack of revenue.

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Ken Breadner said...

You're not cruel. Chances are "Tim"'s business is, though.
I'm not surprised that this person was totally unprepared to hear sensible answers. There aren't many sensible people left nowadays.