Friday, 16 April 2010

The Guergis Affair

I have no idea if Helena has done anything criminal or unethical. I have no idea if she should have been fired from her position.

But what I do know is that Stephen Harper couldn't have more effectively botched this whole thing up. As Andrew Coyne pointed out on CBC last night, either the government knew there was something shady going on, and failed to act in time OR they knew sweet F all and have acted irrationally based on rumour and innuendo.

I'm looking more credibly on the latter scenario. It appears that Harper was looking for any excuse to rid himself of a troublesome Minister, and leapt at allegations of criminal behaviour like an Enron exec at a tax loophole.

I can't help but contrast the reaction to a shady PI passing on heresy evidence that is immediately acted on, and the brushing off as "unsubstantiated allegations" testimony from a Canadian Forces employee about the torture and/or killing of prisoners of war.

First-hand accounts are unsubstantiated and should be ignored, heresy accounts must be investigated by the RCMP. Care to explain that one anyone?

The only consistent theme here is that the Conservatives will do anything to avoid their own embarrassment (though ironically embarrassing themselves in the process) .  Criminal investigations are launched, if it serves the interests of the Conservative party.  Allegations are swept under the rug, when it serves the interests of the Conservative party.  None of these actions are taken on behalf of the public interest.  Even when an MP is under investigation, the actual details are kept from us.  If there's any group of Canadians that deserve to know what the hell is going on, its the constituents of Simcoe-Grey.  It's their MP that is under a cloud of controversy and they deserve to know why their representation in parliament is now seriously compromised.  They'd be better off without an MP at all right now.

This is the least open, least accountable, least transparent and most unethical government we've had in living history.  Which itself is a painful irony.

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