Monday, 5 April 2010

Isn't the Saying APRIL showers bring MAY flowers?

Nice weekend we had here in Ontario wasn't it?

Of course, the environment being what it is, such a drastic change from seasonal "norms" has its downside.

I find my spring yard maintenance plans are all up in the air. Do I wait to fertilize, when should I seed? Do I put the rain barrels out, or am I risking a deep freeze that will crack them?

Even the plants seem uncertain. Last year a late frost after a warmer than usual spring severely damaged several of our plants and trees. This year the risk appears higher given how much time is still left. But on the other hand, the plants that count on a cool spring (several spring bulbs, bleeding hearts etc.) are already dying off.

I'm enough of a worry wart that the prospect of a severe drought this year concerns me. Last year an old farmer friend told me fertilizer prices had more than doubled. Combine drought with high costs to farming and we're looking at massive price increases for basic foods.

Yeah I'm a little worried.

Even though I was fending off mosquitoes the evening of March 30th(!!!!) at least that's the one thing a dry season will fix. The more of those buggers that suffer the happier I'll be.


Ken Breadner said...

Yeah, I'll give you that on the skitters. Last summer was BRUTAL up Killbear way. Somebody told me there were mosquitoes the size of full grown bears up there...

Catelli said...

Har Har..

Believe it or not, we're booked to go camping again this year. Not Killbear, Bon Echo.

As my wife was booking the site online, my youngest son said, and I quote "mommy, make sure you click the no bear option!"

Ken Breadner said...

This, on top of your most recent post? Your son has a future in comedy. He's got both the verbal and physical stuff mastered, I'd say.

Catelli said...

Oh yeah. That kids got talent. You notice I really never talk about the elder son? He's a straight arrow. His younger brother is the one you have to watch out for.

Every adult he meets senses it too. My neighbour is a cop. And he said to my son "You're a cheeky one, I'm going to be arresting you one day aren't you?"

For a refresher. This was the same kid.

Ken Breadner said...

He's a "I wonder what would happen if--" kid. They're scary. You can't predict 'em, because they can't predict themselves. But most kids of that type--if they're instilled with decent ethics--go a LONG way.

Ken Breadner said...

Oh, and now it's raining cats and dogs out there--I just stepped in a poodle--so I say our blogs are the 21st century version of a rain dance...

Catelli said...


Since we have that kind of power...

Damn I'm dirt poor!
Damn I'm dirt poor!
Damn I'm dirt poor!

Ken Breadner said...

...Damn, I'm dirt poor!
Damn, I'm dirt poor!
Damn, I'm---
(looks outside)
--wow, that's a helluva lot of dirt out there. I'm...I'm...DIRT RICH! Yeeehaw!