Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Milliken Ruling a Victory for the Opposition? Not So Fast.

Today's ruling was not a victory or defeat for any particular party, it was a victory for the institution we call Parliament. This decision will reverberate throughout the years and will server as a check on any minority government in the years to come. Though prompted by the Afghan detainee issue, this decision and the precedent it sets surpasses that issue and any individual party.

Despite this decision Harper could still pull out a "win", and Ignatieff could still "lose". The Speaker has set the stage for a showdown or cooperation between the parties. The ultimate result of how the Afghan detainee issue is resolved is still up to them. That particular game has many moves yet.

But today, today was a victory for tradition, precedent and the vision of our government as laid out at Confederation.

Today was a good day.


Ken Breadner said...

Are you going for some kind of record? Holy crap, man, five blog entries in one day???

Catelli said...

Slow day at work combined with restless mental energy, had to outlet somewhere!

Ken Breadner said...

The Globe covers this off to a fare-thee-well today...Peter Milliken is the biggest political geek I've ever heard of. The guy had a subscription to Hansard WHEN HE WAS FOURTEEN YEARS OLD. Yeesh.
Interesting times...I'm guessing Harper will back down on this, but I can't be sure. There's no appetite for an election and certainly not on the basis of a "bunch of terrorists being tortured" (sadly, seems to be the prevailing view). Then again, Harper doesn't back down easily.

Catelli said...

The smart route is some sort of compromise, vetting opposition MPs that are allowed to see the unredacted documents.

But that route was obvious as the smart move months ago.

So yeah, I have no idea where this will go. I suspect Harper will try to make Ignatieff back down, as Iggy hasn't shown a lot of balls to back up his bluster lately.