Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Why I Despair For Our "Democracy"

When this is enough of an issue for a party to lose support.

And this is not.

And for the record, I too am against the gun registry. But it's not the make-or-break issue for my support. Not even close.


Ken Breadner said...

Ah, the urban/rural divide in all its splendor. I just got back from the hicks in the sticks...this is one of the major issues out there. Possibly the biggest one. Hard to wrap my head around.

ADHR said...

I tend to think the gun registry has acquired symbolic importance for folks on both sides. For those who are pro-registry, it symbolizes protecting the vulnerable, especially women and children. For those who are anti-registry, it symbolizes something a little more nebulous -- freedom, perhaps, or maybe independence.

The problem with disputes over symbols, of course, is that they're incapable of being resolved through rational means. Rational means can only work when there's some sort of shared discourse going on. People who dispute the symbolic importance of something are literally using the same words to mean different things. This makes communication, let alone argument, impossible.