Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Why Rural Canadians Should Support Ignatieff

The comments to my last post caused me to ponder this rural opposition to the gun registry issue. I think rural Canadians should support Ignatieff's proposals to modify the gun registry:

Under Ignatieff's proposed amendments to the registry, a first-time failure to register a firearm would be non-criminal ticketing offence, while fees for new licences, renewals and upgrades would be eliminated.

If the fees are eliminated, that means all the costs to maintain the registry will have to come from the tax base. Urban Canadians make up the largest portion of the tax-base in this country, of which the GTA is the largest section of them all.

And since it was those effete, latte-sipping, liberal mother-fuckers that wanted this ineffective piece of shit registry and shoved it down your throats, its only fair that those fuckers pay for it to.

So every time you register a rifle, it takes a little more out of those bugger's pockets.

I'm just sayin'.


Ken Breadner said...

Trust Iggy to come up with a nuanced approach to the issue. That's actually a pretty good compromise, for the few people that are neutral on the registry, that is.

Catelli said...

I give him an A for effort.

I still think the registry is ineffective, but I can live with it.