Thursday, 6 May 2010

Want Proof That NO ONE Knows What's Going On?

It was a move few on financial markets had seen before. At 2.42pm Wall Street time, the Dow Jones industrial average was trading at about 10,451.4, a drop of about 400 points.

Seconds later, in a sickening lurch lower, the Dow was in freefall. In moments, it had plunged below 10,000, having fallen by 998.5 points.

Then, suddenly, it rallied. Having sunk by 700 points in 15 minutes, the Dow put on 600 points during the next 20 minutes, sparking claims the turbulence was caused by a “fat-fingered” trader entering a price erroneously.

Other sites call this a reaction by a jittery market.

Lets cut the crap. The markets are "jittery" because despite all the experts, all the certainty, all the forecasts, no one knows sweet fuck all about what is going to happen. Our financial future is solely governed by blind faith that things will improve. But at the first sign of trouble, the rats flee the ship.  Because even they don't know if it is going down.  But they head for the life rafts out of fear anyway.

Now do I sound crazy?

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