Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Apparently We Have Been Deceived All Along

Fox Hyper-Bull North, I mean Sun TV News, has launched its new website.

To appeal to us, they advertise that:

It’s time for us to have a Canadian news leader we can be proud of.

Really? As a nation we have to be proud of a news network?  We can't just rely on them to pass on the, you know, news?

Canadians are tired of the same talking heads saying the same things on the same networks.

Well, if what they are saying is factual, it would lead that the same facts would be on all the networks. So is Sun TV News advertising they will lie and make up news to be different?

Lets get more detail.

Sun News will offer Canadians “Hard News” by day: live reporting and real-time conversations with journalists covering breaking news.

So talking heads repeating facts. Hmm.

Headlines will be analysed, commented upon and discussed at length in an intelligent exchange to open further debate. 

Sounds like CBC's At Issue panel to me. Yeah we could use more analysis and discussion. But a whole network worth?

In the evenings, "Straight Talk" programs will feature hosts and guests that deliver strong opinions and analysis of stories that are important to Canadians that day. 

STRONG opinions. Interesting word. I would prefer "well researched" or even "insightful". STRONG invokes the line "Opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks." Holds for STRONG opinions too. And they smell twice as much.

The time has arrived for a new approach to Canadian news. It’s time for a new choice; a new voice; a new information specialty service for Canadians.

Well OK. If you say so. But so far that conclusion has been reached without any facts or insightful analysis. All I see so far are unsubstantiated STRONG opinions.

But go with what you're good at. It should be easy to recruit loudmouth opinionaters.


Shiner said...

Canadians are tired of the same talking heads saying the same things on the same networks.

I like this one given that they've poached all their talent from those "same networks".

And, to be honest, I once did have a bit of pride in Canada's news networks. I watch a segment of the ACTION NEWS!@!! from the local US stations and thank my lucky stars I still have boring old Lloyd and Pete, and a host of other anchors that aren't quite as polished as their American counterparts.

Just as the Brits should be proud of the BBC, I think we can, for the moment, be proud of CBC, and even CTV at its better moments.

Catelli said...

I have no problem with the CBC, CTV or Global or whatever. My pride is not in the networks, but in Canadians (apparent) lack of need for Sensational! Happening Now! Action Action Action! type media. I.e. we are better people, and that is reflected in the media that serves us.

If Sun TV takes off, well then that pride will be misplaced.

Catelli said...

And yeah, given the small pool of experienced news journalists in this country, the "same old talking heads" line is quite amusing.

Ken Breadner said...

The SUN chain has its place--its newspapers, while admittedly trashy and right-wing, do at least welcome other viewpoints on their editorial pages. Unlike, say, the Toronto Star. Somehow I doubt that marginal inclusiveness will translate to the screen. I'm all for the right having a voice (it's entertaining in a maddening way, if nothing else)--but do we really need a whole *channel*? Odd, too, how al-Jazeera took years to be approved, and this took about three seconds.

Catelli said...

The CRTC hasn't approved it yet. But they will.

Lie or die it will reflect our true demand for this product either way.