Thursday, 17 June 2010

Let's Rumble!

I am not a protester by any stretch of the imagination. I am (or was) a peaceful law and order type that believes the best way to change a system is from within, not without.

But the way the organizers have turned downtown Toronto into an armed camp is provoking me.  The more I read about how the common citizen is being chased away so pampered world leaders can meet in luxury and security awakens a plebian instinct.

I'm finding an inner desire to show up and engage violently with the security forces.  Part of me wants to rip down fences, beat up police officers and cause general mayhem.

The rational part of my brain is holding me back.  But I honestly believe the actions taken so far are taunting, and provoking to the common citizen.  They didn't intend this result, but it is starting to appear that they didn't intend to provoke us as I didn't intend to punch you.  You walked into my fist.

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ADHR said...

I know the feeling. There's only so far you can be pushed before you want to strike back.