Monday, 14 June 2010

Not Worth it At Any Price

Even $50 million.

The biggest favour our Lottery corps could do for me was full the plug on the former Super-7 lottery and replace it with this new Lotto Max.  I am not a regular player by any means, but once the jackpot of the 6/49 or Super-7 hit $10 million I would drop a toonie on the draw.

I know the odds were bad, but it was only two bucks, and the proceeds are used to fund public works.

But then this Lotto Max rolls into town and requires a $5 buy-in.


$2 could barely buy anything, so I never regretted losing it in a draw. But $5? I can still buy a lunch for under $5. It's in the real money category. Too valuable to piss away on poor odds.

So we have two weeks in a row where no one wins the jackpot prize for Lotto Max. That would have been (minimum) $10 invested in those two draws. In the gold-ole' Super-7 days, I would only be down $4, still less than the cost of a single Lotto Max ticket.

Yeah it would be nice to win, but hey, the odds aren't exactly in my favour, so it is even nicer to keep that $10 in my pocket.

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