Friday, 11 June 2010

Proving Adam's Point

Adam sounds off:
I'm starting to get frustrated with political stuff -- again. It happens periodically, mostly when my tolerance for the random nonsense that passes for substantive debate is exceeded. I really don't think most people know what a substantive debate looks like. 

And proving his point we have the media:
He [Ignatieff] has been dumping on the government, accusing it of extravagance and waste.

However, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff appears to be flush with cash this week, renting Ottawa’s most luxurious porta-potty.
NDP MP Thomas Mulcair was quick to point out the contradiction.

“On the one hand he’s lecturing the government on extravagant spending. On the other hand he’s going out and renting a gold-plated loo.”

Do I have to point out there is a massive, huge, GIGANTIC difference between spending PUBLIC MONEY and PRIVATE MONEY? Do us all a favour you fake-controversy seeking media hounds. Until it is shown that taxpayers paid for this gold plated shitter from a boutique in Champs Elysees. Shut the Frak UP!

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ADHR said...

And Mulcair as well. The media reports it, but Mulcair started it.