Friday, 11 June 2010

Stop Worrying About Idling.

And concentrate on making roads more efficient.

I'm sorry, but ONE MINUTE? My god, if automotive emissions are that bad, we should just ban the internal combustion engine now. I can't help but wonder if there are vehicles whose engines will become less efficient because slavishly obeying this law will damage the engine. Oh wait.

I sit at traffic lights and some stop signs for longer than a minute. Am I supposed to turn off my engine every time I stop?

On a related note:

Uxbridge wants to put the brakes on stop signs.

They’re bad for the environment and they don’t work, say proponents of the idea to reduce stop signs in the town of 11,000 an hour northeast of Toronto.
Stop sign numbers:

1 litre: fuel used in accelerating from a full stop 20 times
125 litres: additional gas consumed per day as a result of one stop sign on a typical collector road
8,760 kg: carbon monoxide released in vehicle emissions each year at a typical all-way stop
657 kg: hydrocarbons released per year at an all-way stop

Just maybe we should work at two things. A) Reducing the need for personal transportation and B) Making all transportation more efficient.

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