Wednesday, 30 June 2010

They're Just Making it Too Easy

Over the years, I've found two beers that I cannot choke down, no matter how thirsty I am.  Those two are Miller Lite and Coors Light.

So when Coors Light announced that there cans change colour when they reach the appropriate level of "coldness" I just smiled at the irony.  As any true beer drinker knows, chilling a beer kills flavour.  If a beer has to be cold to be palatable, it obviously sucks.  So Coors was outright advertising that their beer was shit.

I left that one alone.  But now Coors had to one up themselves.  They have added a second level of chill to their cans.  It still changes colour at the first level of cold, but now there is a new "Rocky Mountain Cold" level that indicates an ideal level of coldness.  I'm not willing to try it myself, but I can only assume that this level of cold is teeth numbingly cold.

In other words, Coors is admitting that their product is so horrible that you have to chill the fuck out of it to kill any semblance of flavour. Any warmer, and you drink it at your peril.

Don't take my word for it, Coors is advertising it!


Ken Breadner said...

HA! This explains something. I hate beer. The *only* way I can choke one down is if it's a tenth of a degree above freezing...

Catelli said...

My favourites are room temperature brown ales or a stout.

Lots of sweet flavour and goodness. Taste nothing like the mass produced Canadian, Blue, Coors etc.

The difference is like comparing fresh squeezed orange juice to Sunny-D. While both are called "fruit drinks" they are miles apart.