Saturday, 17 July 2010

Calling All Patsies!

Paul Wells doesn't come right out and say it, but the implication is there that the recent appointment process resulting in David Johnston as our GG was done to ensure there will be a compliant patsy in office.

I understand this thought. As a Certified Harper HaterTM I automatically assume evil intent whenever I am informed of his latest vile deeds.

So for arguments sakes, I will accept this none-political arms-length process was in fact evilly manipulated to produce the desired outcome. To wit, a compliant mush of a GG that will bend to Harper's will every time his baleful glare affixes itself on the holder of this esteemed office.

Wells mentions that Harper wanted a new GG because he feared the old one. A little melodramatic, but I can buy the argument. But how does Harper control those he fears or despises? By putting the fear of Harper into those that follow him. Harper is a control freak. He controls his MPs and other party members with the promise that he will make them suffer if they cross him. And that is where this evil plan of Harper's falls apart.

It all comes down to principle. Harper may be very surprised that though his GG may be similar in thinking on many things, he is not a clone. The interesting thing about a conservative is that they can be incredibly stubborn. David Johnston has all the markers of an individual that is self-assured and confident in his own mind.

Best of all, Johnston is not in a position where Harper can threaten him. After politics, Johnston is in a much more secure position. Everybody knows that being a GG is a break from a respected none-political career. He could F-up spectacularly and his academic friends and colleagues will rally around him (as they should). In the years to come, Harper needs Johnston more than the Johnston needs him. We've seen a bit of this happening in the senate, with the news that Harper's appointees may not support his attempts to reform the senate from within.

So Johnston is really in a position of strength, able to execute decisions based on his own thoughts. While he may accede a request to prorogue, at this point, I believe he will consider the request honestly and objectively.

What would really make me smile is if he ever stood up and gave Harper pause, cause him to feel "fear" as Wells put it. That would be a very good day.


Sir Francis said...

Harper needs Johnston more than Johnston needs him.

Yeah, but that was pretty much true of Jean as well, who rolled over for Harper quite nicely.

[It would] make me smile is if he ever stood up and gave Harper pause, cause him to feel "fear"...

Harper lives in a constant state of fear, not because he's really faced with clear and present dangers, but because he's a sweaty-palmed, Nixonite, paranoid fuck.

So, now I've got to write a post explaining why Johnston's just another toe-sucking nutless wonder! Better get to it... ;)

Nice to see you on the Macleans blog, by the way. Keep up with the comments—might score you some more traffic…

Catelli said...

Why did Harper fear Jean? That's a mystery to me.

re: Macleans. Olaf inspires me. He's very easy to debate without getting into personal attacks. Unlike many of the others that haunt those boards.

Sir Francis said...

Olaf inspires me.

Yeah, he's the one guy who provides evidence that it's possible to be pro-Harper without being a total moron.

It's too bad he took his blog down. I guess his new job at the fancy-pants Toronto brokerage firm he works for forced him to become "respectable". It's a good thing I'm not under that kind of pressure... ;)