Thursday, 15 July 2010

I'm Lacking Sympathy

Am i the only one confused by the spate of drownings lately? There's a recent one that has me perplexed.

Toronto man Bun Chang Tang, 31, apparently drowned Saturday morning at Wasaga Beach. He ran into the water to catch a ball and disappeared. He was pulled out of the water around 11:30am following an extensive search.

For those that are unfamiliar with Wasaga, the water is like 3 feet deep out for a mile. That's why it is perfect for playing football, catch, frisbee, etc. out in the water. No under-tow, generally calm conditions, clear water, solid footing etc.

Now running in water is not exactly a natural activity. But when you fall down the water is so shallow you can do push ups and raise your face out of the water. I understand falling down, I can even conceive of hurting yourself and making it difficult to get up. But Disappearing? Do he fall into a black hole?

Next up,

Someone is being evicted from their home? Gotta be the government wanting the land for a gravel pit or a highway or something like that.

The Doyles have been paying an annual fee to the landowner, assuming, this relationship would continue as long as they lived on the property. However, last year the property was sold and the new landowner began proceedings to remove the tenants.

Oh. They're just idiots. Good luck chumps.

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