Friday, 2 July 2010


Do we have concrete examples of how the info gathered from the long-form census was used to abuse individual liberties?

“Our feeling was that the change was to make a reasonable limit on what most Canadians felt was an intrusion into their personal privacy in terms of answering the longer form,” Erik Waddell, spokesman for Industry Minister Tony Clement, said Tuesday.

MOST? Really?!?!?

Bullshit.  You sir, are a Liar.  You're pandering to a minority, don't slander the rest of us to cover your political hide.  Oh wait, you're a federal Conservative.  That just goes with the territory.

For those Canadians that thought this was intrusive, I hope you never use Interac, Credit Cards, the Internet, Cell Phones, etc. Trust me, those "unaccountable" private corporate interests that provide those services have more data about you than anything collected by a government census form.

Anyway, back to my question.  Is there any factual basis for castrating Statistics Canada?


Ken Breadner said...

Only if you're Conservative. Deeply Conservative. If so, "facts" are malleable and easily mistaken for "feelings". As in "I feel that damned government knows too much about me."

PeterC said...

Nononono! It's not a feeling; it is the Truth(tm)! Not to be confused with facts or logical argument!

The argument that the federal government should not be allowed to come to your door and compel you to do stuff might hold some water if everyone was allowed to put a clothesline up in there backyard, fer instance.