Monday, 5 July 2010

The Time for Half Measures is Now!

My snarky response, thank goodness I gave up the Colts Black Cherry Cigarillos and now smoke the full size straight Cuban cigar! (or Dominicans, I ain't that picky).

In actuality, I'm more conflicted. I enjoy decent quality tobacco products on occasion myself. However I do realize that the cost to society of tobacco use (and of alcohol use) is quite high. Smoking is one of those activities we'd be better off without.

But I think this ban will accomplish little. Sure the flavoured shit won't be available anymore. But the kids that want to smoke will just find something else (like the not-banned menthol cigarettes).

So my stance is this. Either ban tobacco products outright or piss off and leave us alone. Picking and choosing is a cowardly way out. Either have principles and defend them or be popular. You can't be both.

UPDATER: Hah! Called it!

In Montreal, at least one tobacco distributor has found a way to skirt the law.
Casa Cubana has begun producing a cigarillo that is slightly larger than the size the government determined constitutes a cigarillo.
Federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq has said Casa Cubana is going against the intent of the law and that she'll work to close the loophole.
In a written statement, Prime Minister Stephen Harper applauded the initiative and promised the law would be enforced."Compliance with these rules will be monitored and enforced in no uncertain terms," his statement reads. "Adherence to the spirit of the legislation will also be monitored, and, if necessary, the legislation will be revisited."

No you dumb asses. Your law is ineffective because you are cowards. Half measures will not work. But we already know you are fact challenged now don't we?

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