Thursday, 22 July 2010

Twilight Zone Discussion



Ken Breadner said...

The *only* valid point I see in that exchange is that the mandatory long-form census is not necessarily accurate. Unless you do believe that 55,000 Canadians actually belong to the Church of the Jedi Knights. There is no penalty for just making shit up.
That's a very minor point. And who knows, 55,000 out of 28 million or so could very well be Jedis.

Catelli said...

May the force be with you! You had to do some digging eh?

I found it odd that Adrian was defending wasting government money on the altar of personal privacy.

Ken Breadner said...

I just broached this with my wife, who used to run a successful market research company. I was stunned to find she sides with Harper and Clement on this. Her argument is that quite a lot of census data is essentially useless a week after the thing's taken. Especially economic/employment data, in this volatile economy. She also independently brought up the falsification of data, which she believes is very high due to (a) people actually resenting the fact it's mandatory and (b) a number of respondents who do not understand the questions. I asked her whether this falsification was equal to or greater than the degradation you would get from a voluntary census, and she said "quite possibly". Now, I'm not going to put my wife up against the thousands upon thousands of highly educated people who disagree vehemently with her. But I have to admit I was surprised to find support for this that didn't come from a stupid person, and right in my own house.
Now, Eva is not sure what to replace a census with. But she says printed surveys are among the worst tools one can possibly use if accuracy is any concern at all.