Thursday, 9 September 2010

Shame on you CBC

The last two nights, CBC's The National has devoted significant air-time to the bullshit kids getting sick from WiFi story.  They have gone so far as to demand that Health Canada investigate.  Health Canada, to its credit, is sticking to the science and saying no.

What CBC is unwilling or unable to understand, is that there is nothing magical about wireless networking devices, or WiFi. It is a device that transmits information over a frequency of the wireless radio spectrum. If the signals from a WiFi device are causing sickness, it is logical that signals from cordless phones, baby monitors(!!!!) and microwave ovens would cause sickness too, as they all emit signals in the same spectrum as WiFi devices.  The 2.4 Ghz wireless band is reserved for generic use, and therefore a lot of devices use that frequency, including WiFi devices. Any devices using this spectrum are regulated under federal law as to their allowed power output, among other regulations.

The wireless spectrum is divided up, with many frequencies dedicated for communications, television! and radio!. And oh those ironies of ironies, CBC is using a wireless signal right now to broadcast it's information in the form of television and radio signals. The power or wattage of the CBC signals is of several magnitudes greater than any WiFi device installed in any school. Those radio waves are penetrating children's bodies all over Canada every minute of every day. So will CBC ask Health Canada to analyze the effects of its broadcast signals on children? Will they shutdown their broadcasts as a precautionary measure? Hey Autism is apparently on the rise, and its rise correlates with the increased use of wireless signals by media broadcasts! Correlation = causation right? To the streets! Ban radio and TV!

So shame on CBC for hysterical fear-mongering. We are an advanced society supposedly devoted to rational thought and scientific advancement. It is time for the CBC to start using its head.

What I want to know is, what does Bob Macdonald think of all this?

PS Apparently CBC doesn't read its own FAQs. Wireless spectrum: FAQs
What is spectrum?

Spectrum is a catch-all term for the radio airwaves that many wireless gizmos use to communicate information. Radios use spectrum, as do the rabbit-ear antennas on older television sets. The CBC, for example, is broadcast free to many parts of Canada using a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Cellphones, of course, also use it.

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