Thursday, 16 September 2010

To Be Elite is To Have the Plague

Or so implies John Baird.  I share Ken's sentiment.  Namely, what the hell?

This constant attack on "the elites" is a self-destructive political strategy.  At various times they have denigrated experts, intellectuals and Torontonians as elites.  To be branded elite, is to branded with a scarlet "E" by the Conservative Party of Canada.

Apparently being smart or a citizen of a specific area is to be sneered at, be deemed less worthy.  This crass dismissal of entire groups of people by a government that is supposed to represent us all is beyond the pale.  Can you imagine the backlash if a Liberal government made crass remarks about rural red-necks and their ill-informed opinions?  They would be crucified, and rightly so.  But because everyone can hate Toronto, I guess it is safe to beat on certain people.  They must deserve it because of who they are.

The Conservative Party of Canada governs by dividing Canada against itself.  It is time for Canada to unite and throw these bums out.  We deserve better.  We deserve a better Conservative Party of Canada.  What we have is the Hateful Ignorant Party of Canada masquerading as conservatives.

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