Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Its Been 10 Long Years And

I finally have a basement (with apologies to Colin James)

Yes, the last piece of trim has been installed, and the kid's toys are finally moved out of the living room!  Yee Haw!  "Kids go downstairs and play, Mommy and Daddy want to hear themselves think!"

Ever since we moved in to our house in July of 2000, we've had water issues in the basement, an issue our builder, Reid's Heritage Homes, washed their hands of. In 2008 we finally got a permanent fix.  In 2009 I had to rip out all the water-damaged studding and insulation, and start from scratch. (After a delay due to injury.)

After this past winter I was able to empty the garage, pile it up with lumber and start framing.  Several weekends of my own labour, plus contracted drywall install by Cambridge Drywall Services, and carpet installed by The Carpet Store (gotta love companies that tell you straight up what they're all about eh?) we are done!

Going Down The Stairs

Looking back down the hallway (lots of storage!)

Kids toys to the right

Open space to the left (reserved for a big-ass LCD TV and a comfy couch.)

Now my wife wants new furniture and wants to repaint the entire top two levels as they have been pretty dinged up by all the moves and the kids playing with trucks over the last few years. Home ownership, the maintenance never ends. But at least the big project is done!!!!! Now we can finally sell the joint. I kid. We ain't moving. Too much blood, sweat and tears have been put into this place.


Ken Breadner said...

Nice! Like that green! Lots of room. Must feel good to have that out of the way.

Catelli said...


Feels satisfying like a big belch
after 10 years of gas build-up.

ADHR said...

Congratulations. We just moved to a new house -- a rental, so we're decorating and unpacking, not renovating. But I look forward to being where you are -- all done except for the tidying up!

Catelli said...

Thanks and cool! Being settled in is a nice feeling.