Thursday, 27 January 2011

People Are Weird

If our company agrees that an employee needs a smartphone, the company will provide a brand new, current generation Blackberry and pay for all of your data and voice charges. You can use it for business and personal use.

Yet some employees insist on wanting to use a personal device, because they don't want to carry two. Somehow "Free" and "Can Be Used For Personal Use" completely escapes them.

They usually come around when we point out that if you sync company data onto a personal device, the company has a right to seize said device and to wipe it at any time to ensure proper ownership of company data.

In other words, say thank-you for the shiny new BlackBerry Bold and for paying all your bills for you. Now shut-up and go away.


sinned34 said...

Ugh, especially those idiots that want an iPhone, because it's all shiny and annoying as hell to get working with Exchange.

Ken Breadner said...

I'm confuzzled.
Free device: cool.
Free device that can be personal use: cooler.
Free device that can be personal use as well as business use, but if I mix the two, it can go bye-bye: not so cool.