Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Harper is Incompetent

He is also a liar, viciously partisan, mean-spirited and a buffoon.

For all else, what Dan Gardner said.


Ken Breadner said...

I like how 'fucking conservatives' is actually a blog label.
Did you read that retrospective in Macleans the other week? Interesting stuff. He's actually scarier than I'd even thought. Every...little...thing is analyzed as to whether it will move the country further right or not. If so, great. If not, fuck it.

Catelli said...

I missed that one, I'll have to look it up.

Re: The label, I am as pissed off what the Conservative party has done in the name of conservative ideology as I am what the Liberal party did in the name of liberal ideology. Instead of debating policies, we're debating arrogance, lies and deceit.

Ken Breadner said...

The thing about the census is--as far as Stevie's concerned--the only people who care about it are lib-leftist eggheads. Hey, the protest died down, right? The idea behind killing it was to weaken the federal government and make it harder for those lib-lefties to justify their nannystateism. Thus the country moves further right, and Dear Leader is pleased.

Sir Francis said...

He is also a liar, viciously partisan, mean-spirited and a buffoon.

Heh. Stop the presses! ;)

Sadly, everything we say about Harper needs to be doubled when said of the so-called "Opposition" that is allowing him to get away with the rectal violation of key institutions.

And don't expect anything but a yawn to emanate from the Canadian electorate: Justin Bieber will be signing autographs tomorrow at my local Winners, so who's got the time for this "democracy" bullshit?

Catelli said...

Nothing like wealth and comfort as the opiate of the masses eh?

I will allow myself a sardonic chuckle when our comfort ceases and we turn our eyes to our democratic institutions and find they are no longer there.