Monday, 21 February 2011

I Call Bullshit on the Oda Ado

Apparently inserting words into a document after the fact is standard procedure.  I echo Andrew Coyne, if this is true, produce other documents that have been modified in this way.

I also want to add, has no one in our government ever heard of one these?  There are better ways to indicate that a proposal is not accepted.  Well-understood and clearly communicated ways that don't require tap-dancing around an issue.

The way I see it, we have 3 choices on how to judge the Conservative government on this affair:

1) They lied and misrepresented the issue
2) They are amateurs, incompetents, idiots and all around bozos incapable of clear and transparent communication.
3) All of the above.

I vote for 3, because they are even incompetent at their lies.

UPDATE: If polls are correct, then a large percentage of the Canadian public are complete bozos as well. There I said it. It's out there, and I ain't taking it back.


Ken Breadner said...

I saw those polls too. Harper is so high for one simple reason: Ignatieff just sits there and takes everything the Cons dish out. As if it's all true.
As for Oda--and it's a bad Oda wafting around--she really should just resign and save her boss all this disingenuous and patronizing bullshit.

Catelli said...

I know, but how incompetent does a PM have to be before the plain tofu alternative looks better?

Or I don't know, vote for the NDP, independents or the Green Party or something. It isn't an either-or choice!