Tuesday, 8 March 2011

In And Out They Call It..

..But it is all out of our pockets!

The national [Conservative] party transferred money to 67 local candidates, who then transferred it back to be spent on national ads.
Elections Canada reimburses all candidates 60 per cent of their eligible expenses if they meet a certain threshold of votes. The money comes from the public purse.

Court documents show Elections Canada reimbursed more than $100,000 to 17 Conservative candidates before the election officials noticed anything was amiss.

Much of the debate in the "in and out scandal" has been about the legal definition of a national vs. local ad. Legal niceties that I really can't get that worked up about.


We have Conservative candidates that received X dollars from the national party accounts. They then gave that exact same sum of money back to the party.

They then get a tax credit for money they never spent and never came out of their own pocket. The way my tax credits work, I pay for my kids soccer. I get a receipt. I can claim a tax credit I spent for my kids soccer. I am being reimbursed for money I paid out of my own pocket.

Conservative candidates (and who knows who else from other parties, right now I trust all of them less than a car salesman/lawyer/insurance specialist all rolled into one) are being reimbursed out of my pocket for money they never spent.

How is this NOT illegal?

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Ken Breadner said...

It's the ol' in-and-out all right. Too bad I forgot the lube.