Thursday, 7 April 2011

Deficit Campaigning

I asked on Twitter a few days ago, has Stephen Harper made any campaign pledges that are not contingent on eliminating the deficit or winning a majority?

The silence of the crickets was very informative.

So far (by one count), Harper has pledged $3 billion in tax credits once the deficit is eliminated.  Which got me thinking, if all these miraculous pledges come to fruition, won't their introduction put us back into a deficit situation?  Say, kind of like the GST cut? Besides, what kind of nut promises tax cuts based on an economic projection 5-7 years out?  A 5 year economic forecast has the same value as a 5 year weather forecast!

Stephen Harper is obviously in love with deficits.  He helped create the current fiscal deficit, and his promises are borrowing against the future as well.  His whole campaign is full of deficit promises.  Buying future goodwill and spending it now.

He'd better watch out, I suspect the interest rate on future promises is just as painful as the interest on fiscal deficits.

I wish the media would ask what Harper would plan to do if he wins a minority government once again.  And don't let him weasel out of the question by claiming the coalition will take him down.  Honestly, we are (at this time) looking at least another 2-3 years of another Conservative minority.  Canadians deserve to know what he would do.  Since he is campaigning so hard on what the other parties would do, someone should hold his feet to the fire about what HE would do.


Ken Breadner said...

Catelli, could you please run for the Liberals, preferably in a position where you could get this message out to the widest possible audience?

Marc Bernard said...

Interesting strategy, promising tax cuts that don't kick in until after the NEXT election.

How do people fall for this stuff?

freyabello said...

They fell for other things, and are too embarrassed to switch to a better party now.