Thursday, 7 April 2011

I Am Not Alone!

Three Phone Tips for Antisocial People Like Me Who Hate Phones

Like the author of the above linked article, I dislike using the phone. I will put off calls I have to make just because I hate the damned thing so much. I do like talking to people, I just don't like phones. In a strange way, I think I find phones more impersonal than twitter or e-mail. Write that statement off to a personality quirk; it was not an attempt at a logical argument about what is more anti-social. I DO NOT LIKE PHONES. In the same way that I DO NOT LIKE BROCCOLI (OR TURNIP). I don't care how good it is for me, I DO NOT LIKE IT.

It is one of those topics that I found differentiated me from most of my peers. In a conversation where everyone was discussing/bitching about their mobile plans, I mentioned I would never get a personal cell phone. I have a landline at home with an answering machine. That's good enough for me.

One friend looked at me in horror? "A REAL answering machine? You don't even use call waiting?"

"Nope. Why pay for a service when I already own a device that can do it for free?"

"Well then how does someone reach you when you're already on the phone?"

I looked at him and stated slowly, as if talking to a stubborn child (yes it is amazing I have friends) "Then they get a busy signal, they know I am on the phone and am at home and they can call back later."

"Wow, you really don't like people don't you?"

No I like people (sometimes I don't, I do admit). I DO NOT LIKE PHONES. And I will not be tied to one those infernal devices either. And I do not understand those people that so like talking on a phone, they will interrupt a conversation they are already having to chat on the phone instead. And they call me anti-social?

Now where's my damned rocking chair?

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Marc Bernard said...

Amen, brother.

Email was invented so I would never have to use the telephone.