Sunday, 1 May 2011

In Defense of Kady

The Twittercloud is having quite the debate over Kady O'Malley's announcement she does not vote, federally at any rate. The inestimable Dr. Dawg came down pretty harshly on this announcement, (as have others).

Up front I am saddened by this announcement; as engaged, intelligent, informed voters are what our electoral system needs more of, not less of. But I will respect and abide by her personal choice and not chide her for it.

Personal ethics can be a very conflicted source of inner turmoil. Kady has, beyond all doubt, considered all arguments, revisits them constantly and has made her choice out of a sense of higher responsibility.

When analyzing the "rightness" of Kady's decision, we first have to ask ourselves; has Kady shown herself to be a diligent, upstanding citizen that exercises her responsibilities honourably and as objectively as possible? I hope that everyone can agree that the answer is "Yes".

So if the above is true, then we must acknowledge that it is near certain that it is with the same personal sense of accountability and responsibility that Kady has arrived at her decision not to vote. Now while we may present counter arguments to encourage her to change her mind, we must do so respectfully. She has earned that respect, quite publicly, and to denigrate her is unacceptable. She has earned my confidence, and to question her character has no justification whatsoever. She has made her decision, and has earned the right to have it respected.

I do wish and encourage Kady to exercise her vote, but her abidance of a strict sense of personal ethics causes me to respect her more, not less.

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