Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Twitter Toilet Humour

The title should be enough warning for you...

While using the bathroom, do you find yourself composing tweets in your head that you wish you could post to Twitter, but you don't because, well, people think you're strange enough?


Just me huh. Time to use Catelli's rule #1. "It isn't strange when I do it."

In no particular order, here are the unsent Tweets that have occured to me while doing what everyone needs to do each day.
- Good Lord. Either I eat too much or my body didn't find that much it could use #LookAtTheSizeOfThat
- Dude! You didn't have to bring the whole orchestra with you into the stall. #WhereAreMyEarPlugs
- Hey look, a rainbow!
- Bluetooth headset while in bathroom. That's just wrong. Now text messages OTOH....
- Oh god I hope no one can recognize me by the shoes I wear!!!!
- Happiness is a warm toilet seat. Thanks Jim!


Ken Breadner said...

"It isn't strange when I do it." I'm so stealing that.

Catelli said...

I'm thinking of getting a shirt made with that on it.