Monday, 14 November 2011

Microsoft LiveID Account Verification Fail

As a Microsoft License administrator for our company, I need to create a LiveID account to access our license agreements.  So I started down that path, got stuck at the LiveID password reset option (which is mandatory).  In order to create an account, I have to select a Question Answer combo that I have to correctly reply to in case I need my password reset.

These are the available questions:
1) I don't know my Mother's birthplace.  Scratch that option.
2) Best childhood friend.  I had a bunch, no one name is more memorable than any other.  If I pick one, 5 years from now I can't be certain I would pick that name again.
3) Name of first pet.  Ah!  That was Shep.

Not accepted.  The answer provided must be 5 characters long.  Minimum.  S-h-e-p  1-2-3-4 Oh for F#@$  Sakes!!!!

4) Favorite teacher.  Didn't have one.  If I did, it was Mrs. Whats-her-name.
5) Favorite historical person.  Seriously Microsoft?  How many people have a  "Favorite historical person"?  I suspect if you do, you have a list of them, so same problem as with Best childhood friend.
6) Grandfather's occupation.  I know that one!  He was a Cook!  C-o-o-k. 4 Characters.  Shit!!!!  OK how about Chef?  AAARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

I'm at the point where I have to pick one of the questions, make up an answer AND WRITE IT DOWN SOMEWHERE FOR EASY RETRIEVAL BECAUSE I WILL NOT REMEMBER IT.  So I just defeated the purpose of picking a strong password earlier in the sign-up form.  The irony is so painful it hurts.

*SIGH*  If I could find the person that designed/approved this form I would kick them really, really hard in the shins.  Twice.


Ken Breadner said...

I'm sure you hear this every other minute, but I hate passwords. I have a couple of strong ones I use for anything financial or confidential--but only two. My other catch-all password is either weak or moderate depending on which site is judging its strength. How I'd love to just be able to touch my screen to prove my identity.

Tyelr said...

Always pick one of those answers (at random) and then give a known (but completely unrelated) response. For example if the question you pick is "Mother's birthplace" then pick "Batman Is Awesome" as your answer. You don't need to remember a lot of these people the odds of someone guessing it are very slim.