Wednesday, 9 November 2011

No Gmail App for Blackberry? No problem!

So today the panic hit when Google announced they were ending development and the availability of the Gmail App for Blackberry.  The information conveyed so far implied that Blackberry users were left with only one option, the Web only interface.

I use Gmail on my Blackberry, so this announcement concerned me a wee bit.  What confused me (and Chris) is that the Blackberry already has native integration with Gmail.  I never installed the Gmail app on my Blackberry as I was able to setup my account through the built-in Blackberry e-mail account management application.  My concern was that this native support was the "app" that Google was ending support for.

So I sat down, found and installed the Gmail app for Blackberry and detemined that it offers little more functionality than what Blackberry offers natively.  Google providing their own app is entirely superfluous and unnecessary.

Phew! What a relief.  I can keep my current Gmail setup and not be affected by this announcement at all.

So to cut through the hysteria out there.  On a Blackberry it is not Gmail App or Web interface only, the Blackberry already integrates with Gmail natively, just like it does for all e-mail account types.  This feature is not going away.

On this announcement at least, Blackberry users can sigh in relief as it is almost entirely irrelevant.

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