Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Conservative Party of Canada - Dumber Than A Bag of Hammers

What a surreal world our political masters inhabit. We have credible allegations of electoral fraud, and all our Government can say is "Nuh huh, it weren't us! You called us names!"

For a law and order party, this is an issue that the Conservative party should own. A party that puts more weight on the sword of justice should all be fire and brimstone and righteous fury. "Someone tried to tamper with our elections! Off with their heads!"

But no. We have the curious case of a Government demanding evidence before allegations are to be made. I'm pretty sure it is supposed to be the other way around. Once a credible criminal allegation has been made, the legal powers of our land are required to investigate it and to gather what evidence there is. Since this affair strikes to very heart of our democratic system, the very process that legitimizes our entire social construct we call Canada, it is incumbent upon the Government to ensure that the perpetrators are found and brought to justice. They should be leading the charge, not following it or meekly watching from the sidelines.

Instead we have a Government that bobs and weaves, ducks and turns and pretty much denies anything untoward went on. "Business as usual, mountain out of a molehill!"

Our Government is trying to spin this as a smear campaign by the opposition parties who have no evidence. But it isn't the political parties on the hill that are bringing this fraud to light, it is ordinary citizens. So citizens are manufacturing stories with which to smear our Government? Quite the bold claim Mr. Stephen Harper.

This inability to understand voter outrage; that there are citizens of all political leanings that care about this issue that shows this Government is woefully incompetent, stupid and out of touch. The Law and Order party can't grasp the fact that ordinary citizens are upset about a potential crime that puts in question the very legitimacy of the Government itself.

So we ask ourselves, is this Government really that stupid? Or do they have something to hide? Well if the Conservative party did knowingly interfere with the election, then this political strategy of denial makes sense. It all seems so obvious, doesn't it? The fingers are all pointing at the Conservative party, the party that has the responsibility of Governing on its shoulders. And they're more interested in protecting the party name than in the institution of Government that is being threatened by this affair. hmmmm. 1+1 equals.....

Many fear that this affair will never get settled; and that the Conservative Party of Canada will obfuscate, obstruct and delay an investigation. If that happens then the Conservative Party of Canada is playing a very stupid, and very dangerous game. Because many people will view the Government as illegitimate with no authority to govern. And we all know what happens to Governments that are viewed as illegal and illegitimate by the people.

Stephen Harper wake up! Your ass is on the line more than you know.

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