Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bullying or Social Justice

Quick half-formed thought that's too long for Twitter:

There is an interesting discussion on Twitter (and elsewhere) about the value of shaming and exposing bullies publicly. Some of us are crying, wait a minute, this can turn into vigilantism and another form of bullying.

Some of the responses amount to, "Trust us we've got under control, we won't let it get to that point."

And what is slightly off-key, and ironic (too me) about this is we started with people crying that we need to do something about bullying. So people propose solutions, and other people point out that those solutions can be bullying, and are then shouted down for saying that.

Which means we have some people trying to be pro-active about preventing bullying because anti-bullying forces are reactively (potentially) being bullies.

Over to David Evans "Beware the groupthink-empowered true believers. They think they are on the side of righteousness, even if wrong "

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Ken Breadner said...

I'm still trying to work out my thoughts on this. I will blog this weekend on it. But it's difficult. I have to admit when I heard Anonymous had exposed Amanda Todd's tormentor, I cheered. The thing is, bullying is not only consequence-free much of the time, it's often actively encouraged. Alpha males and all that. Future CEO material. This makes me sick to my stomach in exactly the same why I used to be when I was routinely punched and kicked....