Thursday, 13 December 2012

You Know He's a Liar When...

This morning (Wed. Dec. 13th) host Anna Maria Tremonti was questioning Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Defense, Chris Alexander over the F35 procurement fiasco/Charlie-Fox.

As Chris bobbed and weaved and spun his story his main claims were:
1) The Government's numbers have never changed and the KPMG report has confirmed what the Government has been open and honest about all along.
2) The $9 billion that Minister MacKay was referring to was procurement costs, and if people had just asked the right questions, he would have disclosed the operational costs as well.
3) The maintenance costs of the F35 are the same as for the CF18s they are replacing, so it's no net new costs in terms of life-cycle and maintenance.

So Chris Alexander claimed this AM that all the numbers were good, no mistakes or aversions or hidden numbers were at play, and the Government was honest open and on track. In short, the process was as smooth and as perfect as could be expected.

So assuming all of the above is true, then why is the Government "hitting the reset button" on the F35 procurement? Because the CPC Government is made up of dissimulating, duplicitous, lying pieces of shit. They got caught with their pants down and are laughably trying to claim that is a normal and expected state of affairs.

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Ken Breadner said...

This post is an insult to pieces of shit laying around. What did they ever do to you? They're warm and mushy, unlike our PM, and they fertilize things that grow (again unlike our PM).