Sunday, 19 May 2013

Senator Mike Duffy is a Thief and a Liar

It's an absolutely gorgeous Victoria Day weekend Sunday and here I am blogging about Canadian politics. That is a sign showing how pissed off I am at our Government and the system they are destroying.

As I am sure you have all heard by now, Nigel Wright has resigned as Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Chief of Staff over the $90,000 he gave to Senator Mike Duffy. This was an entirely inappropriate gift by Nigel Wright. Why he did it, and how much Stephen Harper was involved in this is still an open, important question.

With all the focus on Stephen Harper and his PMO, I find one little fact keeps being pushed aside:

Senator Mike Duffy stole at least $90,000 from the Canadian Public, still has that $90K+ and is still sitting and being paid to be a Senator in the Canadian parliament.

This all started because of "misfiled" expenses. Expenses that Mike Duffy was not entitled to and expenses that Prime Minister's PMO went to stupid lengths to help bury and cover up. Mike Duffy claimed over $90,000 in expenses and received that $90,000. He claimed to have paid it back, when in fact, Nigel Wright gave him another $90,000. So at this point Mike Duffy has received $180,000 for expenses that he ought not to have claimed. Mike used $90,000 of that $180,000 to "return those ineligible expenses" which means he still has the original $90,000 he claimed. AND in return for receiving all of this money, the audit investigation against him had the damning findings against him removed.

Mike Duffy has agreed that the expenses were ineligible. The PMO has taken action to "pay back" these ineligible expenses. Mike Duffy still has the original $90,000. Ergo, Mike Duffy is a thief and a liar. And he has and is still profiting from his crimes.

Why is Mike Duffy being protected? Why is he not under arrest for defrauding the Canadian public?

We have a known criminal sitting as a Senator in our government which someone else has taken the fall for. And no one is doing a damned thing about it. Talk about your perfect crimes.

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Anonymous said...

It keeps bothering me where the $90,000 figure came from. My understanding is that no audit was completed so it would seem that the figure came from Duffy. This suggest that he was deliberately claiming expenses that he didn't deserve and keeping track of them. It also begs the question, "Is $90,000 enough?" Did he (or PMO) pay back that sum, knowing that the real amount was much higher? If the overbilling was completely paid back by the $90,000, why would Duffy refuse to co-operate with the audit? At that point, the audit would provide proof that Duffy had repaid all funds.