Tuesday, 5 August 2014

When Even The Simplest Things Are Hard..

Tim Hortons drive-through was nearly empty, so I took advantage. It was one of those new two-lane drive-throughs, only one car in the left land already placing an order and the car right ahead of me went to the right-hand lane. So I went into the left hand lane thinking that car should move on first. And the car in the right lane placed their order and drove on. And another car went into the right hand lane, placed their order and drove through.

"Holy crap! What is this guy ahead of me ordering?" Just as I'm about to back out of the left land to take right lane, the car ahead of me finally finishes their order and pulls through. I drive up to the order window muttering aspersions on the character of the customer that was ahead of me.

As it turns out, I was casting those aspersions on the wrong person. It wasn't the fault of that customer why their order took so long.

 "Good morning, welcome to Tim Hortons. May I take your order please?"

"I'll have a small black coffee, and two twelve-grain bagels toasted with butter."

"Small... what kind of coffee?"


"OK. And two twelve-grain bagels toasted with...?"


"Right. Let me get you your total sir.  Ok that was a small ...?"

"black coffee"

"Right. And two twelve-grain bagels...?"

"toasted with butter."

"Right. Your total is $3.90, please drive through."

 I get to the office and enjoy my bagels. And nearly spit out my small REGULAR coffee.



Ken Breadner said...

How do you drink black coffee? Seriously, it'd bounce if I tried to.

Catelli said...

Learned from an old plant electrician. I needed coffee, but it was after hours, plant didn't have any white stuff. He said: "Tell you a secret, learn to drink this shit black and you'll never be short of coffee. Because then you can drink coffee anywhere."

I did, and it's true. And it's also healthier (no sugar.)